Risen from a primordial ooze of angst and self-pity, Michael Kessler searches for meaning in a dreary existence at the helm of Kytoon: an electronic pop-rock music project based in Nashville, TN.

Via Kytoon, Kessler confesses to the myriad emotional baggage of his 20s in moody, obsessively-produced tracks that touch all corners of the emotional spectrum. Dreamy synth-beds meet quirky and infectious melodies to produce instrumentals reminiscent of acts like Owl City and The 1975.

Joined on stage by bandmates Aaron Itzkovitz (guitar, backup vocals) and Cliff Gray (drums), Kytoon brings deft musicianship, sardonic humor and memorable, authentic passion to each live performance.





Genre: Electronic / Indie / Synth Pop

Sounds like: Owl City, The Postal Service, The 1975